Fancy Foot Jewelry namely Toe Anklets or Barefoot Sandals are Our Featured Products. Here you will find one just right for your special personality.

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For fancy Foot Jewelry namely Toe Anklets or Barefoot Sandals Welcome to!  Our company started in 2011 when we designed our own Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets.  Almost immediately our friends and family couldn’t wait to wear them and spread the word. They’re sexy,  fun and extremely comfortable to wear.

Ed Dembowski, Owner

We use a variety of materials to make many different types of Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets.  From blingy and sexy to earthy and senusual  and everything in between, we have one just right for your personality.  We use Swarovski  crystals,  faceted glass beads, lamp work beads, rhinestones, stone agates, various metals , smooth woods and other attractive jewelry making gems , along with a stretch jewelry cord to make each one a beautiful and unique piece of quality hand made foot jewelry.

Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets are absolutely gorgeous for beach weddings.  The perfect gift for all your bridesmaids. They will love this gift they can wear again and again. We would love to design your bridal parties matching toe anklets and of course the BRIDES unique one!  Not just for beach weddings but any wedding.  Remember our foot jewelry is designed to be comfortably worn with shoes.  Please use the message box to send your inquiries to us. Coming soon will be our Bridal Collection featuring Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestones in fabulous designs!

Wondering what Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets are designed for?

These accessories are created to wear barefoot or with shoes such as high heels, flip flops or any open face shoe. Most prefer wearing only one at a time or they look good as a matching set.  We make our stretch toe anklet in a one size fits all.  If your foot is smaller than a 5.5 please message us and we will adjust the fit before shipping and the same if your foot is larger that an 11.  We aim to see all our customers satisfied and pleased with their purchases.

All our foot jewelry is extremely affordable. They are durable and have a lifetime guarantee against breaking. If anything happens we will replace your Illusion stretch toe Anklet for FREE (well it costs you a stamp to send it to us). We stand behind our jewelry .  You need only return the illusion stretch toe anklet with any other pieces to receive your free replacement.

We sell them for $19.95 a piece, FREE shipping and we pay your sales tax!