Home Pedicure How To with your Favorite Foot Jewelry

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To really let your foot jewelry sparkle and shine, you have to set the stage. A good pedicure and foot care routine will allow your Illusion Stretch Toe Anklet foot jewelry to take the spotlight and allow you a little more freedom to flaunt your new piece without feeling self-conscious.

Laying the Foundation

An artist wouldn’t create a masterpiece on a dirty, ragged canvas – your feet are the canvas, the toe anklets are the paint. In order to show off your foot jewelry to its best potential, you need to start with a clean, healthy foot.

When was the last time you soaked your feet? Soaking your feet in warm water (either with epsom salts or your preferred foot bath oil or product) loosens up dirt and layers of dead skin. It’s also relaxing and feels good, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day. Take just five minutes of your day to soak your feet.

Follow up your soak with a pumice stone to remove dead skin and debris. Don’t forget to slather on some quality moisturizer to make sure your feet are as supple and soft as possible. All of this creates the perfect backdrop for your barefoot sandals.

Taking Care of The Nail

What at-home pedicure would be complete without a little color on the toe nails? Make sure your moisturizer is dry. Even if your toenails are bare, swipe them with polish remover to get rid of any body oils or excess moisturizer. Take this time to file away any ridges on your nail with a coarse grit buffing block or file. Use a finer grit buffer to smooth out the surface of your nail and buff to a shine. Just like your feet, your nails need a good foundation to take the polish properly. If your cuticles are dry or damaged, swipe on some cuticle cream to gently repair them over time – getting pretty feet isn’t an overnight process and some of us have to put in more work than others.

Pick a Color, Any Color

This is the fun part of a pedicure – picking a nail polish color! Natural toes with just a hint of shine from a clear coat, or skin-toned polishes compliment almost every piece of foot jewelry sold by You can pick a bold color that matches the gems on your anklet, or pick a complementary color to play up the gems in your toe anklet without fighting for attention: the choice is yours. Try to avoid contrasting colors such as blue nails with orange beads, or green beads with red nails. Your toenails and your foot jewelry should work together to enhance your look, not be fighting the eye for attention.

Blue Dolphin Toe Anklet with dolphin tattoo and perfect toenails

This beautiful blue dolphin Illusion Stretch Toe Anklet matches her tattoo and toenails perfectly.

Application is Everything

Separate your toes using cotton balls or foam wedges. Make sure they are spread wide enough apart to avoid touching each other, but are spaced comfortably. You’re going to be this way for about 30 minutes – you don’t want your toes to cramp up! Apply a base coat – usually clear in color – to your nail. Wait five to ten minutes for the coat to fully dry. Then apply a layer of your chosen color – thin layers are better than thick. When that’s fully dry, apply a second coat of color if desired. When your second layer is dry, apply a top coat – also clear. This seals the manicure and makes it last longer so that you can show off your foot jewelry to its full splendor without having to repair chipped or streaked toenail polish


It shouldn’t even need to be said, but take off your barefoot jewelry before giving yourself a pedicure! It can be easy to forget you’re wearing toe anklets – they’re so comfortable that they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. But the chemicals and oils found in foot soaks and nail polish remover can damage the elastic and beads on your foot jewelry. Nail polish can discolor your toe anklets and can be hard to remove without resorting to harsh chemicals. Keep your precious foot jewelry safe and sound by taking it off BEFORE pampering yourself.

Blingy Teardrop Toe Anklet or Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry with a real nice pedicure

Beautiful Blingy Teardrop Illusion Stretch Toe Anklet with an awesome Pedicure.