Welcome to & Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets

by / Monday, 30 July 2012 / Published in blog posts

Hello and welcome to our new site.  I want to thank everyone for visiting and encourage those who haven’t looked through our store to check out all the different Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets we make.  We have updated the site so that we can add many more products and fun pages too.

I want to encourage everyone to send us their photo’s showing off your favorite Illusion Stretch Toe Anklets so we can start an images gallery.

We are in the height of the show season so if you haven’t yet liked our Facebook page… well shame on you… lol… go there and like our page then get the coupon code for a special deal on our handmade toe anklets.  Sometimes I put up a coupon code that is worth a FREE Illusion Stretch Toe Anklet.

Thanks again everyone and if you have any comments or suggestions for our site please email me.  We love hearing from our customers!!!